ZinCo projekty zelených striech

Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

Green roofs in a park with walkways and lawnCategory:
Parklands on Underground Garage Decks
Park with plant beds and walkways

Amager Ressource Center, Copenhagen

Meadow with marguerite in front of an industrial buildingCategory:
Roof Garden
Bird's eye view onto a steep pitched green roof

Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, Barcelona

Palm trees and tropical plant within a buildingCategory:
Roof Garden
Palm trees and tropical plants on several platforms

Achalm.Hotel & Restaurant, Reutlingen

Roof garden with lawn, shrubs and rose bushesCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with lawn, natural stone paving and parasols

Tschuggen Bergoase, Arosa

Pitched green roof with lawn and sail-shaped skylightsCategory:
Green Roofs with Lawn
Roof terrace and pitched green roof with sail-shaped skylights

Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf, London

Water feature with fountains, surrounded by shrubs and treesCategory:
Roof Garden
Entrance to the underground station

Barbican Beech Gardens, London

Pink Allium and other flowers surrounded by residential buildingsCategory:
Roof Garden
View onto a roof garden in London

Dickens Yard, London

Courtyard with rolling mounds made from grass surrounded by residential blocksCategory:
Roof Garden
Courtyard with benches, lawn and small trees surrounded by residential blocks

Streatham Hill, London

Courtyard with blooming plant beds and a pathway surrounded by residential buildingsCategory:
Parklands on Underground Garage Decks
Plant bed with lushious vegetaion surrounded by rusted steel edgings

Soho House, Amsterdam

Sundeck chairs on a roof terraceCategory:
Stormwater Management Roof
Roof terrace with sundeck chairs and swimming pool

Seoullo 7017, Seoul

Illuminated roof garden in the city at nightCategory:
Roof Garden
Urban roof garden with trees in round planters

National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel, Jerusalem

People strolling across a roof gardenCategory:
Roof Garden
Man sitting on a roof garden

UCC Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen

Bird's eye view into a courtyardCategory:
Roof Garden
Courtyard with sitting areas on wooden decks

TU Library, Delft

Pitched green roof with lawn and railingCategory:
Green Roofs with Lawn
Pitched green roof with lawn

GF Victoria Hotel, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Steep pitched green roof in full blossomCategory:
Pitched Green Roofs
Hotel building with two steep pitched green roofs

Smaragden, Uppsala (Rosendal)

Roof garden with luscious plant beds and wooden deckingCategory:
Roof Garden
Plant bed with herbs and rusty metal edging on a wooden deck.

Day-Care Centre “Elf Hill”, Holbæk

Building with a gras roofCategory:
Green Roofs with Lawn
Gras roof  surrounded by meadows

Fire Station, Grindelwald

Pitched green roofCategory:
Pitched Green Roofs
Outdoor swimming pool and building with a sloped green roof

Office Building, Somerville, MA

Roof garden with plant beds Category:
Heather with Lavender
Man sitting on a bench on a roof garden and enjoying the view

SNFCC, Athens

Mediterranean roof garden with olive treesCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden in full bloom

Royal Tower, Kiev

Roof garden with sitting area and big trees in a big cityCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with lawn, perennials, shrubs and small trees

Boathouse, Kirovskoye

Roof garden with lawn and planters by the riversideCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with lawn, planters and wooden terrace decking

Amanzoe Resort, Kranidi

Several small houses with reen roofs vegetated with lavender and other herbsCategory:
Heather with Lavender
Green roofs with herbs on stone houses

Villa Maris, West Vancouver

Roof garden with lawn, tree trunk, small pine tree and subtle illumination at dawnCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with berms, grasses and small pine trees

University Library, Warsaw

Park with trees, lawn and a pitched green roof with stairsCategory:
Roof Garden
Garden on top of a roof

Rooftop Farm in Zuidpark, Amsterdam

Bird's eye view on a large rooftop farmCategory:
Urban Farming
Archichokes growing on a roof in raised planting beds

Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Connecticut

Large green roof with lawn, shrubs and walkwaysCategory:
Roof Garden
Terrace with trees and plant beds and view to the adjacent forest

Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam

Green roof with photovolaics on a terminal buildingCategory:
Green Roofs and Solar Energy
View from the waiting hall onto the vegetated roof

New Providence Wharf, London

Terraced roof gardens with lawn and small swimming poolsCategory:
Roof Garden
Water course in front of balconies

Tivoli Congress Centre, Copenhagen

The roof of the of the Tivoli Congress Centre with walkways and plant bedsCategory:
Playground for children with Asian style playhouses

Subaru Headquarter, Singapore

Multi-terrain test track and tropical vegetation on a roofCategory:
Palmtrees along a road with humps and rocks on a rooftop

La Stejarii Leisure Complex, Bucharest

Large flat and pitched green roof with lawnCategory:
Green Roofs with Lawn
Green roof with lawn with view on sports facilities

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris

Green roof with lawn and vegetable patches surrounded by scyscrapersCategory:
Urban Farming
Bird's eye view of a green roof with vegetable plant beds

Marmara Forum, Istanbul

People sitting on a roof garden with walkways, blossoming small trees and shrubsCategory:
Roof Garden
People sitting in a cafè on a roof garden

Business Centre Leuro, Lima

Roof garden with exotic plantsCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with shrubs and small boxtrees in the city

Le Méridien Hotel & Convention Centre, Oran

Roof garden with palm trees and a curved wooden bridge leading over a water basinCategory:
Parklands on Underground Garage Decks
Park with palm trees and water basin

Green Place Office Building, Milano

Walkways and planted Sedum beds create a patternCategory:
Sedum Carpet
Illuminated roof garden at night

Shop & Trade Office Building, Athens

Modern roof garden with grassesCategory:
Roof Garden
Roof garden with grasses and planters

High Line Park, New York City

More than 20 million people have visited the High Line Park so far.Category:
Roof Garden
Lawn with lots of people sunbathing

Zorlu Center, Istanbul

Large building with lucious vegetation on various levelsCategory:
Roof Garden
Large roof garden with lawn, shurbs and small trees

Torre YPF, Buenos Aires

Roof garden with gravel and planted bedsCategory:
Parklands on Underground Garage Decks
Garden with lawn, shrubs and blossoming trees

United World College, Dilijan

Curved green roof and green facades on a large buildingCategory:
Rockery Type Plants
Bird`s eye view of vegetated areas on the roof

Pakhuis Australië, Amsterdam

Green roof with pitched areas and skylights and flat areas with small treesCategory:
Green Roofs with Lawn
Pitched green roof with skylights

Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver

Green roof with grasses and atriumCategory:
Pitched Green Roofs
Building with undulating roof and large glass front

Terminal Building, Airport Ibiza, Spain

Terminal Building, Airport Ibiza/SpainCategory:
Sedum Carpet
View from the waiting hall on the green roof

Koe-Bogen, Duesseldorf

Courtyard with dynamically designed pattern and plantbedsCategory:
Bird's eye view on the curved shapes of the façades

Munich Technology Centre, Munich

Sedum roof with photovoltaicsCategory:
Green Roofs and Solar Energy
The Solar Base Frames are being mounted

Comturey Restaurant, Mainau Island

Pathway lined with numerous HydrangeasCategory:
Fall Protection
Lucious Vegetation and guardrails around an atrium

Radisson Hotel, Bucharest

Curved walkways, plant beds and swimming pool surrounded by parasols and sun bedsCategory:
Roof Garden
Plant beds with a small tree, shrubs and perennials

Residential Carport, Toronto

Illuminated roof garden with a pond at nightCategory:
Roof Garden
Courtyard with planters and view onto a vegetated roof

Banco de Santander, Madrid

Large vegetated green roofCategory:
Heather with Lavender
Green roof with trees and walkways